What Cannot Be Expressed

Yesterday was the last day of my final exam so that means starting from today, I’ll be able to post more stuffs in this blog and write more with good quality contents!

I feel like I want to share my favorite music playlist right now. This past two weeks had been a crazy week for me despite the exams and home works and projects, but also because of this funny thing called feelings.

But anyway, I had discovered some good songs (or at least I think it was) and I also had managed to listened to my old favorite songs too so you might find some songs that you are already familiar with it.

Here we go:

1. Never Be Like You – Flume ft. Kai

One of my good friend recommended this song to me recently, and my first impression about this song was, “DAMN THIS IS THE INTRO TO EVERY  BEAUTY GURU’S VIDEOS IN YOUTUBE NOWADAYS” Listen and you’ll get it ahahaha. I really like the beat of the song and let me tell you, the lyrics were so cool, it was about us humans and how normal it is to make mistakes.

I think the genre of this song is electro pop and this is a very good song to dnace to in shower :p



I am also really into indie songs right now, so let me tell you this masterpiece. Adhitia Sofyan was an indie singer from Bandung and he was part of Demajors label, which was one of Indonesian biggest indie label ever. This song was mentioned in a story that I was reading about a week ago and I instantly fell in love as soon as i listened to it.

If you are missing someone right now, or you are in a long distance relationship and or friendship, especially if they live in Adelaide, this song is for you man. I like to listen to this before I go to sleep or whenever I feel like numb and not happy.



Elephant Kind was also another indie band from Indonesia that I really like. This song is about the sadness you have to cope with when you lose someone important in your life. The first line of the song was ‘It all begins with love. And in love, we were all beginners.’

I also listen to this song every time I’m sad because I miss someone. The first time I listened to this was like bam and then I tear up throughout the rest of the song. A life changing song I might add.



I know that not everyone like this band. I am not really into 5sos but my friend like them so I know a couple of their songs. But this one was my current my favorite. Why? Because I can relate to the lyrics!! You see, sometimes we cling to music because we want to be convinced that we are not the only one feeling this and that we are not alone and someone understand us.

If you like this, you might as well in love with Close As Strangers, another song also by 5sos. Take a listen!



Do you know Jack Baran or thatsojack in Youtube? He is one of my favorite youtuber too. Not only because of his fashion sense and his videos, but also because he has this series in his channel called “My Favorite Songs You’ve Never Heard”. I like those videos so much because his music taste matches with mine!

In one of his videos he mentioned this song, so after that I listened to it and I thought this song was sooooo good. The Neighborhood also became one of my favorite bands. If you like this song, you will probably also like Fall in Love – Barcelona.



Enough said.


Here are the lists of my current favorite songs that I listened to almost 24/7. What are your favorite songs or bands or singers? I would like to know!

Until next time, peeps!





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