Lives Matter



I was about to go to sleep last night when I decided to open Twitter and see what was up and stuff. And the first thing to showed up was one of my mutuals, tweeting about shooting in Orlando not long before she tweeted it.

The shooting happened in a gay night club in Orlando at around 2 a.m. As I refreshed my Home tab, tweets kept coming and it were also talking about the shoot and the victims.

Over 50 LGBTQ+ community members got killed and others got injured. Orlando hospitals were in need of blood. People held hostage. The suspect got killed in hail of gunfire.

I was so disgusted. I felt very sad and I was not able to sleep, thinking about everyone and everything that happened in Orlando. My deepest condolences, love and thoughts went out to all of the victims and their families of Orlando shooting. I’m sorry.

I am a 14 years old and it was not a big number, I was a newbie in this very big world. There are so much things that I still don’t  understand, that I still need to learn. So I’m not going to rant over all the political issues related to this tragedy. I just feel like I need to write my thoughts down.

How can someone have that much hatred in them? How can someone have that much hate to kill innocent people? People who are doing nothing but trying to be happy, celebrating who they really are with the people who they love in a place where they feel safe and accepted.

Even if, I admit, my country, Indonesia, still has not legalize LGBTQ+ community yet and even though my religion taught us that being part of the LGBTQ+ community is a sin, my religion also told me to still love them and accept them for who they are.

No matter if its illegal, or its a sin, or if you are uncomfortable with them, they are still humans. Just like us. They deserve to feel safe and accepted too. They are still my friends, my family.

It’s okay if we don’t support them, but never think you have the right to hate them or take their lives. LGBTQ+ lives matter. Your lives matter. Everyone’s lives matter.

Why do we hate someone who is just trying so hard to be and love themselves?



I am a 14 years old, and I hope, in the future, my kids will be able to grow up in a kind, sharing, and caring world, who love each other despite all of the differences between them.

Until that time.







9 thoughts on “Lives Matter

  1. Once again I admire your thinking, however I’m torn between being excited and sad.
    I’m excited about Indonesia’s future if your views are typical of the emerging generation, but also sad because (as you know) you will be pretty lonely holding those views in contemporary Indonesia. I’m very proud of you, Adelinemulia.

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    1. yeah, I know that for sure. But I still have hope for this country and I still believe that one day people are going to realize that what is the point of doing what your religion told you to do if that means you are losing your humanity? Thankyou so much David, I appreciate your comment!


      1. Hi David. Thankyou so much for that, I really really appreciate it! You and your writing are so admirable too indeed. Looking for more post from your!
        Take care you too.


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