Love and Accept


I used to be the type of girl who liked to talk behind my friends back, trying to put other girls down as if we are in a competition, and often feel bad about my physical look and comparing myself to other girls.

That was why I used to be so bad at making new friends and why I fight with my girl friends a lot through out my elementary years. Which was not a pleasant experience at all.

But I learned that the reason why I used to be full of hate was because, I am not happy with myself. I’m not satisfy with my life. And then I started to get jealous with what my friends have and I will try to find a bad point about them and judge them. Everything I did back then was because I want them to feel bad about themselves too.

For example, I used to want a phone so bad, but my parents won’t let me, and almost all of my friends have it. Or when my friends had a lot of boys who had crushes on her and I was like, all alone.

As I grew up, started to read and write a lot, I also learned so many things. The first thing IΒ had to do is to always love and accept myself. Romanticize self love. It’s important. I should stop being insecure with my own being.

And I changed a lot. Right now I am a 14 years old, but I’m happier than ever. I started to love myself, accepting who I am, and be grateful for what I have. The first times will never be easy,Β but as you go, you will find yourself as a happier human.

I don’t get jealous over other people’s relationships anymore, because I know what I want and what I need. I don’t get jealous over what my friends have anymore, because I am already grateful with what I have.

I stopped talking about my friends behind their backs now, and tried to be more honest to people. I learned to accept my friends for who they are and understand that not everyone is going to be like me. People are different and that is cool.

I forgive people who used to hate me. I learned that people makes mistakes too, and maybe once in a while what they’re saying are sometimes true. I started to become nice to them, no matter if they are nice to me back or not.

I embrace my flaws and also try to change it.

I’ve been struggling with body image since I was a kid because I was this one chubby girl and my friends were all skinny and such. Since last April, I started working out more often and until now I have drop down 5 kilograms of my weight. It was still a long journey, but I am way more confident in my own skin now.

It’s a short post and I write it so fast so I’m sorry if I didn’t make any sense but yes, I feel like I should write this down and let people now. Love love love yourself. Too often people mistaken self love as narcissisim.

Self love is imporant.





18 thoughts on “Love and Accept

  1. del, this is awesome. you’re improving, and you’re trying to be more mature (which you are right now). i can’t socialize with new people because i am an introvert, but now i’m trying to be less introvert and open my heart as wide as i can, and i finally accepted the fact that, ‘yeah, this is who i am, and i’m not ashamed of that’. tetap semangat, ya, and keep loving yourself. take care xx.

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    1. thankyou so much, pris! yes, it will be challenging but i think its very important for us that loving ourselves is crucial. hope you are doing great to! so happy to know that you are growing to be a better person, keep up pris!

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  2. Wow, another amazing post! A lot of females twice your age lack the self-empathy, self-awareness and maturity that you demonstrate.
    So many questions I would love to ask. Anyway, I’m happy that you are in a happy place in your life right now. Take care!

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  3. Your post make me look far back…and reminds me of myself back then… but my dear are a beautiful as you are…you have an inner beauty that make every girl in your age are envy to you-just look around then you’ll notice – i know as what I heard-..and now as you move you said “Be happy as you are” but remember don’t force your self on your workout…remember men not always sees physical but they sees inner beauty of a woman…and friends will see you as you are…as you are a wonderful, loyal, cute, humble, smart and sincere young woman…

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    1. AHAHAHAHA I love your first post so much πŸ’“πŸ’“ i bet you are such an amazing, go girl!

      also i really like your name though, brutal sweet knife, its like you are sweet but had the power to kill those who hurt you!! goodjob! independent ass womanπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  4. Oh my gosh I just came across you blog and I find it so lovely, especially this post. It is so good to love your self ! I am glad that you do, you seem like an amazing person!!! ❀️ πŸ™‚

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    1. Hi! Thankyou so much for visiting, and I’m happy that you enjoy the post! It took me sometime to realise that I just have to be happy in my own skin, and I am working towards that more and more each day πŸ’œ

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