Hello guys!

You may see from the title yourself, but yes, I am taking a break from blogging right now. I will be on a hiatus. 

No, it’s not because I dont enjoy blogging or because I’m too busy to update here, but I am going to be off for the next three weeks, starting this evening until July 24. I am not going to update any post on my blog until then.


I am going to a summer camp! I am so excited to explore and learn new things there. But also kind of sad because I will leave this blog and you guys all for a long time.

But I promise I will be back until then. So, I hope you guys can understand it. I will catch up with you guys as soon as possible.

Until then, goodbye!


6 thoughts on “Hiatus?!

    1. yess pris, the first three days i will be staying with a host parents and then the rest three weeks im going to stay in the camp … i will miss all this blogging thing omg im afraid I’ll be homesick

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