CISV Step Up Camp 2016

Heyo I am finally back! I’ve just arrived yesterday night at 5.30 p.m, went back home, and went to school today, half dead because of the jetlag. But yes, I am home!

So here is the time for me to share my experience with you guys. I had not write that much about what I did for the last three weeks except that I was going on a summer camp, which was true, but right now I feel like I want to share it out.

So, I went to a Step Up Summer Camp with CISV to Bergen, Norway! I went there with my three other friends and my leader, and we had a very good time there. I left my phone here in Indonesia so yeah that was the reason.

So first of all, obviously on the day I wrote the post about my hiatus, I went to the airport with my delegates, ready to go and leave home to meet 8 other countries and got to know them.


After we went in, we started our journey. The first flight was from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur for one and a half hour. I was both excited and also a little bit nervous because this was the first time I traveled without my family.

From Kuala Lumpur, we went to Amsterdam with KLM Royal Dutch. It was a 12 hours flight and it felt like the longest flight ever, even though I’ve been in longer flights, but still for some reason it was just like a little bit different.

From Amsterdam, we had another short flight to Bergen, Norway for another one and a half hour. I was very excited. Before the camp started, we had to live with our host family first. So then that was the first time I met my house fam and her daughter.

The family who we stayed with were very very nice and I liked their house very very much. They have cute houses with a basement under it, which was not a common thing at all back in Indonesia.

They took us to the city center of Bergen City, and then we had a sushi party with the Norway delegation for dinner, went to the castle in Bergen, and then the next day we went by ferry to Vage and went to their cabin house and went fishing! I even catched a fish!

After a very fun three days and two nights with them, on Sunday they finally drove us to the campsite! It was a school called Ytrebygda Skole and we finally met our leader again!

We took our suitcases and went to our room. It was officially the first night of the camp! I slept in a big classroom with 7 other girls from Egypt, U.S.A, Costa Rica, Norway, Faroe Islands, Brazil, and Italy.

The next 21 days were literally the best days of my life and I enjoyed every second of it. I had so much fun, got to know a lot of people, got close to them, made new friendships, and also did all the activites!

Camp Meeting!
Heyy, Macarena!
The best people in my life who I met in like 3 weeks!
DSC00400-1024x682 (1)
Playing Mickey Mouse! 
Best family picture, taken at Floibanen Mountain, Bergen, on our excurcions day!
Local Impact Day: We invited two refugees from Afghanistan and Syria and spent a nice day with them!
My team and I in one of the activity, playing spider web!
Knut, my favorite staff there. He  was the nicest person ever existed omg!! Much loves.
Working in groups!
Faroe Islands’s Cultural Activity
That one day when Bergen was sunny af so we decided to have pork and beef BBQ for dinner, outside!
Our delegation on Open Day, wearing Batik.
Chillin’ with the homies at gala night’s dinner
All the leaders and staffs! Best!

Finally, the camp had to come to an end. We all cried and hugged each other and finally on July 23rd at 5.30 pm, we left Bergen to Amsterdam. And then Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, and finally back to Jakarta.

And I finally met my family again!

Finally back again with these amazing people!!
Look at the happy sad face and the tears though! Happy!!
We are home!

So that was what happened in the past 3 weeks of my life. I was very happy to share with you guys and I think it was like a once in a lifetime experience. I met the best people in my life there, and I am grateful for them all.

And I was in campsick mood right now.

So yeah, I am back loves!



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