I’ve been like, not writing for more than a week now. I am very very sorry but ever since I went back to Indonesia things had been pretty crazy.

My school started right the day after I arrived and right now I am in 9 grade which means by the end of this school year I am going to have national exam coming up. Keep in my mind that the home works and projects are getting very very overwhelming.

Also, I’ve been keeping a journal and write a lot in there because I realize that some topics are just better to keep just for myself. Some feelings are also temporary, you know, like it stresses me so much the other day, but right now I was like don’t really care about it anymore.

I also had been writing a lot in Indonesian right now, and also it takes me more time to post anything in English because then I need to think twice while typing ahahah.

So far, my life was so good. I have an english speech competition coming up and right now I am really focused on doing the text for the speech. The competition will be on September 24th 2016 in a school not so far from mine.

Promise that I will make more time on the weekend to just write here! And I might put a little bit of Indonesian words here and there. If you want it, I can also maybe put the translation for you guys!

So, yeah, see you!





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