The Thing(s) about Plane Rides

Hello everyone! I am back agaaaaaaaiiin with another blog post! Lately I’ve been busier than ever with all these homework and projects and retreat and student organization and much much more.

Right now I am in 9 grade, and in Indonesia, we are still part of Junior High School. And that means I am going to High School next year and I have to prepare for it since now. Ugh as much as I hate being away from all the friends I have now because of it, I know sooner or later time will do us apart.

Anyway, today I was scrolling through my camera roll in my phone and I started to notice that I keep so many pictures of the sky. Yes, I am obsessed with it. As cliche as it might sound, yes, I like the sky so much and I enjoy looking at it.

That includes enjoy being in the sky. Which means, plane rides.

A lot of people likes to travel because they can go to new and different places, but actually one of the things I enjoy the most about riding a plane is the ride. Going to the destination, and going back home.

There was always this sparks of excitement every time I sit on a plane, looking through the window. Its like, something is about to happen. New adventures. New places. More sky to see.

It’s like a brand new start. Because everytime you are in a plane, that means you are about to start a journey. What happens next must be a big secret to you right now, and right now it’s the process of going there.

The view was also very priceless. The rays of sunshine at the edge of the plane’s wings. The white soft clouds hanging around. The blue blue sky.

I enjoyed the turbulance, the take offs and landings. The small bumps along the way. Some people hate plane rides, or they don’t find it enjoyable, but for me, plane rides are heavens.

Sometimes you can even see the top of a mountain. An island or two. Roads and traffics. Cars and trains and even other planes from the distance.

I always liked to wander what were other people down there, in those cars, on the streets, how were their day going. What were they feeling. What were going on in their life, do they felt happy or even sad.

Plane rides always making me ended up writing pages of random thoughts in my journal. It was like a safe spot, sitting in your own corner, writing, looking at the endless horizon, contemplating about life.

The last time I went on a plane was last July when I went to my summer camp. My first plane ride without my parents. I remembered that I wrote about how I felt on the plane somewhere in my journal.

I felt anxious and excited at the same time, because I am so excited for the camp, and yet I was over stressing about it. I was worrying too much and feel curious in the same time. The kind of feel that you will never experience, for me, if you never travel with plane.

But hey, plane rides also remind me about going home. It remind me of home. The people inside it. The ‘reality’. Ending a big adventure in your life. Going home was also, one of the best feelings in the world.

Finally, after a long journey, you are going back to where you belong.

Going home also give me chills, because when you feel excited to go home, in the same time, you also feel sad because you are going to leave the place that you had fell in love with in a short period of time.


Its like you are familiar with the place that you used to be, and at the same time you are suppose to go back to a place that you are ‘familiar’ with, when the truth is, after an adventure, you home will always feel a little bit distant.

That sappy feelings was also something that you will not experience if you never travel. The feelings when you are just happy, but also sad  because you have to leave all of the fun things behind.

Its also very sad to just notice a slight of change when you get home, like the difference in your mom’s hair style, or a small clock that used to be in your living room and its not there, or a little bit of weight that your sibling had gain, and you realize that you are not there when it changes.

Just like in life, sometimes you have to go, try and see new places. New situations. You will have to leave some people, and then meet new ones. And when you are done with all that, and you go back to the place you used to live, you will notice that things will be different. Things slightly different.

Never be afraid of changing.

Hop on that plane ride we have everyday called life and just enjoy the view. Enjoy the mountains you see, the turbulance, the voice of the pilot every three hours or so, the smell of coffee that the person behind you is drinking. Enjoy the cry of a baby in the other aisle.

What about you guys? Don you love airplane rides? Why? What do you usually do while you are on it? Share it with me, because I’d like to now! Comment down below!


Enjoy the flight,



18 thoughts on “The Thing(s) about Plane Rides

  1. My sister told me the story of my little niece on an aeroplane for the first time. When the plane hit some turbulence everyone else was silent and a bit scared, but she started shouting “more please” as she thought the plane did it for her fun😂😂😂

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  2. What I love about plane rides is that in the end of it a new destination and new adventures are waiting for you. Also I have a friend who’s father was a pilot and died in a plane crash but he isn’t afraid of flying. He loves it. He says it makes him feel free and I always admired him for it.

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  3. Owh my dear Adel, I am proud of you, a young girl with English ^__^b.

    But, I have to tell you, please forgive me. If your story is about something happened in the past, you must use past tense dear. The verb is V2 or V3 depend on your context.
    But over all, I like the way you write.

    Adel likes sky and plane rides? So do I, I like sky too. A cluster of clouds in the sky, it seems like a spirit from God tell me that I’ll be fine. 🙂

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