RB: Believing in Yourself

As you all might know, or maybe not, one of my hobby is watching Youtube videos. I admire a lot of Youtubers and I watch them everywhere, all the time. I found the best life lesson on the internet and I learned a lot from people that I never even met.

For example, Connor Franta. Or Krist Yu. Or Ana Marta. Troye Sivan. Ingrid Nilsen. Hannah Hart. Andrew Lowe. Jennifer McAllister. Will Darbyshire. Arden Rose. Lauren Elizabeth. Andrea Russet.

I can just make a very long essay about each of them and why do I like them and what I learned  from them. They give positive influences to teenagers and some of them even empower women. So yeah, thats cool, huh?

But, today, I am going to talked about a youtuber. A youtuber that I knew like, two years ago. My first impression to her was, she was sweet and seems funny. She looked cool too. I saw her on a magazine, with the headline “Strikes Again with Saturday” and it talked about her old song, Friday, and how people on the internet hated it and bullied her because of it. And she was releasing anew song called Saturday.

Rebecca Black.

I googled her name and found her youtube channel. And the first thing that popped out of the search engine was a music video. A song called Friday. Made by her. I clicked on it and watched it.


And yes, to be honest, this song was crazy. Some people said its horrible, but for me, I can see how hard she worked on that music video and the song, and yes, even though I didn’t enjoyed it at all.

A lot of my friends (and me too), used to talked a lot about this and replaying it over and over while talking and laughing. But I never left any comment on the internet. Because I knew that was cyber bully and that was just not cool. But yes, I did hate it back then.

Ever since, I didnt hear anything from her until around six months ago where I started subscribing to a youtuber, Andrew Lowe. He was very funny and you  guys should check his youtube channel because I love him so so so much.

Andrew used to be her roomate, and thats when I started to hear more about her. I started stalk her again, and the first thig I thought was “dang she changed a lot”. She looked very beautiful and cool now, and the fact that she is now stronger than ever and more confident than how she used to.

She also uploaded pretty fun videos on her channel so I subscribed myself to her again. I love her music taste so bad, same as Jack Baran!!

Today, she posted a video about her newest music. Her newest song. And she also posted a video about what she felt about this song. It was called “The Great Divide”. I clicked on it and when I listened to it, it was like


Take a listen!

Her voice, her fashion taste, her lyrcis, everything about her changed. I am now in love with this music video and I’ve been replaying it over and over and I am obsessed with the lyric too because its very empowering.

I was never a big fan nor a hater of her, but today, I feel like I learn a lot from her. I learn that you should not give up on your passion and dreams and what you want. Even though the whole world might judge you and hate you. So what? She told me to always do what I want to do and doesn’t let other people’s opinion define who I really am.

I’ve been always, deep inside, insecure about my hobby and passion. Someone used to leave hate comments on my own blog, which used to have like 62 followers, and I deleted that site because of it. I regret it so much ever since.

I overthink a lot about what people say or think about me, and sometimes I can just get sad for no reason thinking that someone out there might hate me. But compared to her, I was literally nothing. All the hates that I received was nothing to hers. Can you believe it, she used to be nominated as The Most Hated Person On The Internet, which just sad.

Rebecca, if you see this, you are truly an inspiration. You are a fighter. I am so proud of you and what you’ve done all this time.  I really hope that your story can be a lesson to a ot of people out there to stop cyber bully, and to never stop believing in ourselves. Believeing in what we love, what are we passionate at.


Keep up!




15 thoughts on “RB: Believing in Yourself

      1. Ahya, terima kasih 😸😸😸

        Kita semua berdiri di atas apa pilihan yang kita cintai, dan itu sakral … 😃 Kita hanya bisa memahami dan menghargai pilihan orang lain 😃

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