Removing Negative Vibes

I think as I grew up and met more people in my life, I realised that at some point you just can’t satisfy certain people anymore. And when that happens, you need to let them go.

My childhood consist of me being very happy with all my friends, and so on until I was in elementary school, but then I realised that people started to expect different things from me and that were just hard to keep up with.

I’ve tried to be what they want, to fit in every social groups, and to impress everyone and make them happy. Which is very tiring because I was not being my true self. I tried to fit in certain mold to be accepted by certain relationships.

You might noticed that right now, there are a lot of quotes and posts all over the internet about how important it is to “delete negative people from your life” or in general, negative vibes to make your life more happier.

It may be hard to do it, you know, because people might hate you, think that you are not friendly, thinking that you hate them, they might talk about you behind your back, and so on, and so on.

I found it very hard to at first be okay with it. It’s all because I’ve always been trying to fit in every social groups available in school. It felt a little bit weird to just have a couple of friends than ton of people that I used to (tried to) talk everyday.

But you know what? It was worth it.

I became a happier person and I can be my true own self. I don’t have to be shy in front of them, or trying to impress them, because I know they will accept me just the way I am and for who I am.

Deleting negative vibes can also be, you know, just stop talking with people who no longer bring happiness and positivity to your life. People who talks nothing but about other people. People who often put you down. People who will replace you in no time.

Know that you deserve to have genuine friends, that supports you, and care about you, and accept you. You deserve friends that will laugh with you and cry with you. Friends that stand up for you. Friends that loves you and don’t put you and even other people.

If you find yourself in the middle of toxic friends, then leave them. Cut them off. Don’t be afraid of them judging you because you know, you have your own right to do it. You deserve all the good things in the world and yes yes yes honey, you deserve it.

Want it or not, you are going to outgrow a lot of people in your life and that is a VERY NORMAL thing. Everybody will experienced that at certain point of their life. And it’s okay. You are going on different paths anyway and most likely you are going to be alone most of the time.

It’s so sad now to see how many people having a lot of friends and actually not feeling happy deep inside. And they think they don’t deserve it. While other people, who have less friends, was able to grow beautifully and gives positive impacts to others.

You deserve it, honey, yes you do.

 What was you experience with negative people? What are your tips to handle negative vibes? Comment down below and let me know!




6 thoughts on “Removing Negative Vibes

  1. Well written 🙂 for the negative people that makes me feel like crap, I have been deleting them from my social media and so in my circle. Kadang kala, meskipun cuma dikelilingin dua tiga orang tapi memberikan aura postif ke kita lebih berguna daripada 10 orang yang masuk dalam kategori ‘negative people’

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Terimakasih! Bener banget, sayangnya banyak orang masih takut buat nge ‘delete’ orang2 negatif itu dari hidup mereka, padahal pasti hidup jauh lebih bahagia dan gak harus selalu ketar-ketir ahahaha. You did a really great job by deleting them!


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