The Start

I just reached my 100 followers!! Actually, its not ‘just’, but more like two weeks ago, on September 11! But I have’t got time to post anything regarding this special achievement so here I am now, typing this up while studying for tomorrow’s math exam.

Thank you very much for all of you who have been following me from the start, a week ago, even a day ago. You guys mean a lot to me and I love you all so so much. I feel like I have a small community, more like a family, here in WordPress, whom I can just talk to about basically anything.


I posted my first ever blog post here on April 3 2015. I never actually take blogging seriously before, and since a couple months ago, not long after my first anniversary here in WordPress, I decided to actually put effort and all of passion to writing and everything words-related.

Side story, I used to have a blog before this back in 2013, and I almost reached 62 followers there, but then one day someone put a hate comment on one of my blog post. I remembered he was saying something about “you are just a little girl, what would you know?” and I remembered being very sad about it and decided to delete the whole site.

Which was a decision that I still regret until now. Because I let someone, a person, who I didn’t even know, to judge and bring me down. To made me see myself lesser than who I actually am.

Since then, the thought of writing and posting on my blog seems like a very terrifying thing to do. I was afraid that people will hate my posts, and I was not big and old and wise enough to actually write anything and post it on the internet.

But, here I am today. Having a small family here in WordPress, an active blog, constant ideas running around my head, and I am feeling better than ever. I write down my opinions without being afraid that anyone will hate it. Because this is my opinion. I may be only 14 years old or young, as you might say it, but here I am, learning more things and writing more posts.

No one can define me by my age, my gender, my sexuality, anything. I am who I am, and I’ve learned to respect myself, have my own self-worth and not letting anyone, anyone, to bring me down and put negativity in me.

I still get a lot to learn and to achieve, but right now, it’s a great start.

Hey, also a big thanks to Pris from She was actually one of the person who inspire me to write more and be myself. She was also one of the people who have been there since the very start. You may not realize it, Pris, but yes I look up to you and I am proud of you. I owe you a lot. You are amazing and brave and beautiful and talented and I hope someday we can meet each other!

Anyway, thank you once again to everyone. I love you.


Much much loves,




11 thoughts on “The Start

  1. Del, that is such an achievement for someone at your age. I am so proud of you, you changed your perspective on seeing this world and ignoring the haters, and your posts are really entertaining plus resonate and relatable for people who read them. Don’t stop, okay. Make more changes, speak your mind through words by keep on writing. You’re one of those people I look up to when I need inspirations, so thank you very much. Anyway, thank you for mentioning me on this post, and yes, I hope we could meet each other someday. 🙂 Wishing the best of luck for you and this blog always xx.

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