heart warming songs

heya folks! today i am not feeling like typing with the correct capitalization whatsoever so hello please deal with the way i type right now. anyway, im really focused to my journaling hobby right now and i pit most of my secrets and weird thoughts there because in that journal i can be more like, you know, myself, because i know no one is going to read it.

while on my blog, i have to filter what am i going to post because everyone can literally see and read it. but hey, that doesn’t mean im going to stop posting here. im still going to update you guys with my thoughts and ideas, but anyway today i wanted to ive you alist of songs that i currently listen to.

these songs are maybe kind of different then the last track that i made. but basically this one was more like the sad and sappy kind. the kind of songs that make my sad heart more sadder and make you rethink about your life and your past life.

basically, i made a new playlist in my spotify full of undiscovered songs that i found really soothing. and oh boy, the lyrics were just daaaaaamn!! also the beat was like good, not to slow, but not like the dj kind of songs, but also not really acoustic. i dont know if there is actually a name for that genre. electro pop? might be.

i am really into Banks and her new album right now, because i feel like a lot of youtubers keep talking about it so then i decided to check the album and damn im instantly in love with it so here you go!



this is a very short post, i know and im verrrry sorry, but i hope you enjoy the songs and if you enjoy it, you can follow my spotify for more songs! i will come back here hopefully by the end of this week to actually post something important.

do you guys have anything specific you want me to talk about? don’t hesitate to comment down below! i might even open a q and a one day, what do you guys think? comment down below!

have a nice week people, and happy frantastic monday!

much much loves,





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