The Girl I Am


I’ve been obsessed with Youtube for what feels like forever. And while a lot of parents might warned their kids to be careful on the Internet, and to not “waste” their time in the Youtube world, some people have different thoughts about Youtube.

Truth be told, Youtube have taught me  A LOT of things and introduced me to a lot of amazing and wonderful people who changed my perspective about life and made me who I am today. Their words, life stories, their adventures, had been something which I learned a lot from.

Anyway, today I stumbled upon my Favorites playlist. This one contains all of my most favorite videos a.k.a the videos that made me cry a.k.a the video that gave me goosebumps. There are quite a lot of videos in it, and I was randomly scrolling through it, until I found this one.

This video was published on September 12nd 2016 and I remembered the goosebumps that I got while watching this video. Jubilee Project is one of my all time favorite youtube channel because they always came up with amazing and inspiring videos.

Especially this one.

I love this one so much.

In this video, they interviewed a couple of women and asked them about their childhood and what did they felt back then, and what do they want to tell their younger self. This video left me on tears and dang, heart eyes.

I felt like girls should watch this video and realize how much things that are there, ahead of us, and there is no reason to be afraid of anything. We are women, and that doesn’t made us less. It is the society that made us think so, as Rupi Kaur said.

Others’ comments on us does not define us, but rather define the truth about themselves. And nothing, nothing in this world are strong enough to make us less than what we are. We are strong, beautiful, empowered, and we are not born to lose the battle.

I felt very lucky to be born in a very strong family that always support me to grow and reach my dreams and passions. They barely turn me down, and if they did, its always for the best. And I have a very strong and smart mom, who is also very strong-opinionated and YAS couldn’t ask for more.

And no, you don’t have to look at genetics when it comes to reaching your dreams. Fight for what you want and what you like, who you really are, and remember that I am here just in case anyone wanted to tell me anything or you need any help!

I have a question for you guys: What makes you proud, being a woman or a man? Let me know!

I love you, folks.




p.s: do you like it better when people type with the right capitalizations or no?


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