everything you hate about yourselves

Heya lads. I am back. Today I am feeling like talking about love. I feel like love is a very mesmerizing thing to talk about, because you get endless inspirations yet sadness from it. So here I am, as a self-approved love expert, going to type my opinions on love and guys (or girls)!

I’ve seen a couple of my friends, and most girls (and or guys!) nowadays, being sad because they fell for the wrong person, or the person who they love left them, and so on and so on. They posted sad quotes all over the internet and they secretly hopes that one day their crush is going to notice them.

And yes, I’ve been there too and I know how bad it felt. I’ve been in love with people who didn’t love me back, or pretended that they liked me back and then friggin’ left me.

I also know for sure the feeling, wondering, always asking to yourself:

Why am I not enough?

And then you will start to compare yourselves to the other girls, to the girlfriend, and then hating yourselves for not being pretty enough, smart enough, skinny enough, perfect enough.

I used to be in that phase, where all I wanted was to change myself and all my features to became someone that my crush would like. And I always thought that I was ugly, ugly, ugly. Right now, I looked back at who I was a year or two years ago and will laughed hysterically, because those people, ironically, meant nothing to me but some old memories.

I used to read the quotes “one day, someone is going to love every single thing you hate about yourself” and I highly doubt that. I mean, who will  love my small slanted eyes and weird looking hair and blunt personality?

Let me tell you, loves, that when that time comes, when you feel like you are ugly and don’t deserve the happiness in this world, remember that, yes honey, yes you do. And that the quote above is true.

One day you are going to find someone who will love you with all you flaws and every single little thing you hate about yourself. Someone will accept you and that is when you know you find the right one.

The right one will accept you and put you first before anything else in his life. The right one will actually SHOW you that they love you, instead of the empty flirty words that means nothing. The right one will actually be very proud and feel very lucky to be with you and to have you in their life. The right one will treat you right.

And my darling, in order to find the right one, you have to stop chasing for people who wont think twice to leave you. You have to let go and stop settling for those who don’t deserve you and realize how lucky they are to have you.

Always remember that with someone next to you or not, you have always been enough. You are not less than anything, you are not nothing, you are not ugly. You are not ‘not enough’. You are pretty beautiful in your own unique way, and it takes the right one to see it.

Have faith, and never settle for less, honey. It may sound shard now, but trust me, it will all be worth it in the end.

Also, listens to Rules Of Beautiful by Jacob Whitesides because its so nice and it might help you out somehow ❀

Much much loves.



12 thoughts on “everything you hate about yourselves

    1. hey! yes, jacob is a very inspiring person indeed. i first knew about him a couple months ago when i was scrolling through my spotify acc and stumble upon his song, Words. most of his songs have deep lyrics and ever since then ive been enjoying his music!

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