what are we afraid of?

The whole world have been this big pile of mess full of hate by the outcome of the U.S election two days ago. It literally, by any means, literally, affected the whole world. People are very very surprised and sad and afraid. Everybody was angry, everybody came to the whole internet platforms and blabbered out their own thoughts and fears.

I have a couple of mutuals in Twitter who were also my internet friends and we’ve been talking about the election for months, talking about how afraid they were because of it, all of the what-if’s, and all their hopes for the next president.

The past week have been really hectic and crazy especially in the internet world because everybody have been spreading reminders to vote and vote and to choose Hillary. A lot, by means I almost didn’t see any accounts talking about Trump. And at first the whole America was like “Clinton was definitely going to win the election.”

On the D-day, Donald Trump won. Yes, Mr. Donald Trump.

Since that, everything change. People, all of the sudden, was very afraid even to be themselves. I can’t even image how would that feel. The only place you should be comfortable and happy in, within you, didn’t even make you feel safe anymore.

A lot of women, latino/latina, african-americans, POC (person of colors), Muslims, LGBTQ+ community were afraid. They were afraid of being themselves. Being in the community that was supposed to make them feel safe. Feeling at home.

It was not about Trump winning the election at all. For me, it was about showing how someone, who almost had no backgrounds in politic, degrade women, tell people to grab women by their pussy, who is racist, misogynist, said that global warming was a hoax perpetuated by the chinese, whose campaigns and followers alone were full of hatred, can won the election.

That someone who believes in a conversion therapy to “treat” gay kids and turning them back into straight people instead of accepting them for who they are can be the next vice-president of the U.S.

It proofs that hate won. After all, it did. It was not only Trump and his personality alone, but it was also about the people who supports him who also has a lot of hatred in them. Who also thinks that it is okay to be racist and degrade women because your president told you it was okay to do it.

I can’t imagine being a little girl or a little boy living in America now. To see that someone with that much hate in him can be a president. I am very sad. I am sad for the little girls who will think that it is okay for men to grab them as they please. I am sad for the little boys who will think that it is okay to disrespect women and people of colors as long as you are white.

I am sad for every LGBT people who was scared even for being who they really are. I am sad for every latin family because now they are afraid that they are going to be separated. I am sad for all the muslims who started to even re-thinking about wearing hijab in public. The latest news I got was there have been a couple of attacks towards Muslim and gay people by Trump supporters.

Also, immigrants. Back in my summer camp I learned about refugees or the asylum seekers and how they technically have no any nationality anywhere. Their home country doesn’t feel like home, and the new country doesn’t accept them. I know that there have been a lot of other problems regarding the number of the crime happening, about the jobs that they ‘take’ from the Americans and much more other things but that should not stop us from having our humanity.

I also have been talking to my friends from Mexico and Costa Rica about the news that Trump is going to take back all American companies from their country which means a lot of people are going to be jobless. There are still so much problems caused by this guy and the list will go on and on and on.

We are not supposed to be sad because Trump won the election. But we are supposed to be afraid because we have let hate won over love. We let hate won over humanity. This is, all of this, is not okay.

So no, your fight doesn’t end here. This is only the beginning. The Congress are going to be there to stop him to do most of the things he said he will. All you have to do is to fight back. You fight for equality and justice and peace.

And now, you don’t fight with hate. You fight with love. You show them how big and wonderful people power can be. You fight for whats good and whats the best for everyone. You fight for equality you fight for all of your friends. Minorities. LGBT. Hispanic. African American. POC. Women. We fight for love.

I was not afraid of Trump. No one should be afraid of Trump. But we should be afraid of the hate going around. We should be afraid of the hatred being spread around. And we will fight.

I may not be really affected directly by this election. But the amount of hate I’ve seen all over the internet have been too much for me. People are hating on Trump and threating to kill him and shoot him, and no, that was also not right. We should not wish for someone else’s death no matter how much we hate that person.

At last, I hope everyone, especially those who lives in the U.S to stay safe and take care. Remember that we are all here, praying for you, sending love and hugs. If you need someone to talk to and you don’t feel comfotable or happy, feel free to hit me up on Twitter or anywhere and I’ll be there, on the other line, listening for you.

From now on, we grow strong. We don’t let hate win anymore. We are going to fight them.


love, love, and love,






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