A couple of days ago, my dad’s office asked him to work in their company in Switzerland. It was a three years assignment, and if my dad accepts it, then he is going there March 2017 and then a couple of months after that, his family, which means me and my mom and my brothers are going to move there too.

He turned it down, of course, but the first time I knew about that plan, it was a big NO for me. I don’t want to go, not only because I think I am not ready to leave this country, but also because I have already applied to a high school that I want, and I am not the kind of person who wants my plan to go differently. There are simply too much sacrifices to make.

There was no doubt that the thought of living in a totally new country, starting everything from zero, was a fun thing to do. Moving to a literally new neighborhood, new school, having to adapt with the environment. Meeting new people and starting everything all over again.

But then again, what about my neighborhood here? What about my old friends that I have to leave behind? What about my plans for the future here? What about the people that I love, people that I care about?

I guess its a very normal, very human, to feel safe in their old environment and was kind of afraid when they have to start things all over again in a whole new neighborhood, etc. Things that are not used to. That also explains why it was hard for us to move on from certain person, certain memories. It was because we feel safe, we feel happy with it.

Rather than leave those who hurt us, we stay with them, simply because we are afraid we are not going to find the same feeling of ‘safe’ when we are with someone else. Rather than walking away from people who are not worth it, we cling to them, because we are afraid that the new person we will meet can bring the same happiness that we used to have.

But humans, it was also very humans, to think that everything will stay the same forever. Before this assignment, I thought that my life and my plans about it are going to be just they way I think it would be. But ever since that, I realized that things are going to change at some point. For example, in less than a year me and my friends are going to different schools and who know what is going to happen after that.

People are going to leave, things are going to change. We think there is forever, but no. It was a ‘forever’ because it take longer to go than other things. But there is actually no forever. Don’t ever take anything for granted.

There is the quotes, “never give permanent feelings for temporary person”. But truth be told, everyone was actually temporary. Everyone is temporary. The only one who is going to be permanent in your life is yourself. We just have to find people who are worth fighting for that feelings, don’t we?

I learned that things might change and happen and we will never know when or where, but while we still have the time, cherish every moment we have with someone. Because next time you see, they might not be there anymore.

But anyway I am glad that for now on I still have my time with all my friends. I am going to hold them tighter than before, and stop wasting my time on people who are not worth it.



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