another milestone: fifteen

A week ago, November 28th, I was officially a fifteen years old girl. Yes, it was my birthday! It was also the first day of finals, and that was why I didn’t have any time to post anything about it. But anyway, photos are coming soon.

Unlike the other years, this year was a little bit different for me. For some reason, I barely wanted anything for my presents. I felt like I am satisfied with everything I have right now in my life and I don’t need anything else.

I have friends. Not much, but I know that they are here for me. I have my parents, my brothers. Not all perfect, but very loving and caring. No boyfriend, but that was because I am too busy falling for myself.

I stopped wasting my time on temporary people long time ago. I started to settle for those who actually care about me. Fake people had fed me up way too much, and now I am leaving them. And, did I mention that I also stopped listening to what others think about me?

You like me? You want to be my friend? Wow, that’s great. You don’t? You think I am too loud? You hate me? Wow, that’s also great. I don’t give a damn about those things anymore.

Rather than being sad over someone who doesn’t care, barely sleeping, overthinking, I watch tons of youtube videos and speeches and educate myself more about politics and women empowerment. Write poems. Make blog posts, making long-ass wishlists, attempting to learn photography. Sing! Read more books. Working out. Try yoga.

Fourteen has taught me a lot of things. But most of all, it taught me how to appreciate myself more. To love myself before anyone else and realize that with or without anyone there, I am the one who is responsible of taking care myself. My body is my own temple, build for me and myself.

My goal this years is to be more humble, more caring and open to other people. Accepting the fact that at some point in our life, people are going to leave us and to hurt us. That might sound very sad an depressing, but I need to realize more that at the end everyone just wanted to be happy. And in search of happiness sometimes we hurt others, those who loves us. And that is okay. We are all going to be okay.

Much much love.





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