catching up in the last hours

Hey guys.

First of all sorry for not posting anything and not giving you guys notices before. I’ve been spending the rest of 2016 traveling to Flores with my family. 

OH GOD I didn’t even post about Christmas I felt so bad right now shit ajcjeodkwifneolr help. I literally need to discipline myself in writing.

Don’t worry (breathes), I took and made a lot of photos and notes throughout the trip so I am very excited to share it with you in the upcoming blog posts. Make sure you stick around for them.

I also made a couple of writings while I was there because let’s be real, Flores is a bery beautiful land in Indonesia and the vibes there was so calming all you want to do was to sit and write and appreciating God’s art.

Right now I am in a hotel room with my cousins and big family because we are going to spend the last hours of 2016 with a New Year’s Eve Dinner.

They are coming two days ago from Surabaya so me and my brothers are staying in the hotel with them. We went to Kidzania yesterday, and Seaworld today like mainstream tourists lol.

I didn’t find anytime to write or post anything about the end of the year, which I think as a blogger, it is mandatory to upload a new year posts about my resolution and stuff, so I am making sure I am going to get down in those by tomorrow evening.

So here is a caption from one of my Instagram’s second account’s photo that I wrote not long ago;

anyway, other than the spams i made in my timeline, i learned a lot from this year. i experienced being loved, in love, heartbreak, and most importantly, i finally learned to love myself.
i guess i used to be this little girl with a lot of negativity (somehow) in myself. all i wanted to do was to fight people, make enemies, hurting others. most of you, who knew me from elementary, will agree to this. i fought ppl alot (sarah, emma, tasha!! hey u guys)
when i entered middle school, and got my technically first bf, i slowly started to change. i became more nice to others, i smile a lot, and feeling happy in general. i used to though it was because of him, but then,
maybe it was because i used to be so insecure about myself. my look, my height, my weight, so i decided to pick a fight with every girl whom i was actually jealous with. because i secretly wanted to be like them. AND THIS IS NOT COOL. AT ALL.
after then, i somehow always searching for love. i seems to be seeking for acceptance and confirmation that i am pretty, i am smart, i am bla bla bla, and so on. just like any other little girls, my biggest dreams was to find my prince and live happily ever after
but this year im done with all of it. i realized that if i am the one responsible for my own feelings. that i dont need anyone to complete me, or to be there to assure me that i am valuable and worth it. i started learning to love myself, to stop hating on other girls, to love myself. i did my first workout ever this year, and now trying to achieve a healthy life. i write more, growing my blog into a platform which i can write anything on.
ppl says that when we stop looking for love, love will finds us. and oh god its so true. go and ask my mom how much guys have been creeping me out ever since lol jk but yeah, my point is, this year have been a hell and a heaven with all the bumps and lumps and therefore im grateful.

i guess afterall this princess doesn’t need a prince. she is an independent ass bitch.

i hope you all feel the same too.
lots of loooove.



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