Looking back 2016, Planning 2017

I’ve tried to make my title not too cliche and I came up with this so I am really sorry AHAHAHA but I actually kind of like it though.

Anyway, welcome 2017! I know I am pretty much late now, but I guess its never too late for a new year resolutions, as long as I promise myself to actually try to accomplish it.

Last year, I made my resolutions and wrote it down in the front page of my planner, and looking back now, I am proud to say that I have accomplish most of it. Almost all of them, even. 2016 is officially the first year I actually start to actually did what I promised the year before.

Losing Weight. Eating Healthy. Living Happily.

I did it! In the beginning of the year, I was very very chubby to the point where I felt very unhappy with my own body because people keep saying that I was getting fatter and I was the heaviest I’v ever been my whole life. I was 58 kg, didn’t like sports, and didn’t workout. AT ALL.

Losing weight have been in my resolutions for the past years and I never really did anything to lose any weight. I still remembered the first day I was so bored at home because my parents went to Europe without me and my siblings, and at that point I just decided that I wanted to go to the gym. It was April 12.

It was my first ever trip to the gym and never I ever thought to actually fell for it and started to came there more frequently. Right now, I go to the gym 3 times a week at least, and in the holidays I tried to go there more often.

Right now I am a solid 53 kg, eating healthy, and even though I still have a couple more kilograms to burn, I am pretty much way more confident with my body and I barely get sick! Trust me, it feels so damn good to realize that you’re taking care of your body.

It also helps me to be a positive person, because I didn’t hate myself anymore and that was why I stopped getting jealous about other girls and their bodies. I am happy with mine.

I write more, I read more. I post MORE here! I reached 100 followers in 2016, and I am very happy and I felt so lucky because of it. I never thought that this small blog will be this big and growing beautifully. I am so proud.

Right now, in the beginning of 2017, I am joining the 28 Days Reset Challenge by blogilates!  It was basically a challenge which for 28 days you are not allowed to consume dairy, gluten, processed food, food with added sugar, and alcohol. We are all in day 3 now and so far I am enjoying it! I am going to update about the result at the end of this month!

But yeah, here’s my resolutions for 2017!

  1. Losing more weight. Being more healthy. I am aiming for 48 kg!
  2. Reaching 300 followers in this blog
  3. Writing EVEN more
  4. Read MORE books. I want to explore more genre other than teen fiction. Right now I am trying historical fiction!
  5. Learn more about positivity, feminism, self-love!
  6. Being a happier person.


I am excited for more to come this year! 2017, bring it on!

What are your resolutions? Please share it by commenting down below, I would like to know!







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