Flores Trip : Ende

Last December, I spent my Christmas holiday with my family and my grandma to Flores, and island on the east of Indonesia, near Bali and Lombok, and had so much fun. I experienced a lot of cool stuff here and it will be cool to share it with you as a travel diary slash guide, but hey, you got it from a 15 years old girl!

So lets start! Let’s see if this post is too long and if so, I am going to divide it into parts so it will be easier to read and also way more entertaining.

We went to the airport on December 20th at around 3 a.m in the morning. I was really tired, and as you can see down here, my bangs was a mess and I literally just threw on anything that I have left from my wardrobe.

I wore my bomber with a random gray t-shirt, my brothers with their sweaters, and my grandma was slaying with her scarf.

We went to Terminal 3 Ultimate, out newest airport terminal. Which was so big and lovely and it remind me of Changi Airport, even though there were still some construction going on there.



The plane ride itself was amazing. Unfortunately we still don’t have any direct flight to Flores from Jakarta, so we had to transit to Kupang, a small town even farther than Flores. LOL. I got to watch sunrise on the plane, which was my favorite things ever.

garuda plane.jpg


And did I mention about the rays of clouds under the planes? You see, the small things people take for granted with their sleep on the ride.


el tari kupang.jpgOnce we arrived in Kupang, we tried Se’i Babi.

Se’i or sei is a typical smoked meat from Kupang, Timor island, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.The kind of meat used in smoking process might be pork (se’i babi), beef (se’i sapi) or game animals such as venison (se’i rusa). Today, the most popular se’i meat is pork.

Se’i is a thinly sliced smoked meat utilizing a mixture of salt and spices which gives a unique taste unlike any bacon. This smoked meat is thicker than common bacon. This dish is easily found in restaurants and warung in Timor. Se’i usually made from pork or beef. In Kupang, people served se’i with nasi panas (hot steam rice) plus sambal lu’at and jagung bose.

There I have the best explanations for what Se’i Babi is, and basically its a smoked pork from Kupang, which tastes really damn good. No regrets at all. If you are curios about it, make sure to visit Bambu Kuning! People said its one of the best restaurant there to serve Se’i Babi.


After waiting for around 4 hours in Kupang, it’s time to continue our journey! We went back to the airport for another shorter trip with even smaller airplane to Ende, the big city on the east of Flores Island.

The trip was only and hour or two, so I decided to take a quick nap and then we arrived there in no time. The airport was waaaay smaller, probably the smallest airport I’ve seen my whole life, which was only 15 years.

We payed a tour guide to help us with our journey here, for more information about them you should check my mom’s blog! siennysentosa.blogspot.com Check hers out!

The first place we went to was Mr.Soekarno’s museum. He was out first president and he once got exiled here in Ende, back then before our Independence Day. He spent the majority of his time in a small house and a park where he thought a lot about this country and the place where he got his idea for our country basic ‘rules’, which was Pancasila.





I’ve always been a lover of history, so coming to this places really do making me feel waaaaaaaay happier. Its just fun to learn about the past because you can know and learn that hell yeah people can be shitty sometimes and it is happening ever since long time ago.

After we were done looking at the house, the stuffs in there, and also visiting the cool park where Bung Karno used to sit and reflect his plans at, we went to a traditional village not really that far from the house.

Let me tell you that the signals in Flores are just dead most of the time, except if you’re using Telkomsel, which was really expensive there so make sure if you want to stay in contact with everyone, please buy the data before you arrive here.

The traditional village was called Kampung Adat Saga Suku Lio. We met the head of the tribe there. I didn’t remember his name, unfortunately. He was so nice, and he showed us around his village, the culture there, and also about their beliefs.

So yeah, that was the first day of the trip! I am going to post the second part soooon! See you!




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