and yes i know that i should not let the society define my worth, and my love for my self, or how i look at my body.

but at times, in the middle of the night, all alone tucked in bed, i thought about that pretty girl in that skinny body with a perfect smile i saw in the school way.

i envy those who has boys lining up after them, waiting for them to notice, while here i am, writing and scribbling poems to him, about the loving eyes and warm hugs who does not even exist anyway

guess im just gonna keep asking myself the same question: when?, every single day.

– a writing i made while watching pilkada debate, eating oranges. pre-chinese new year. 10.06 p.m



12 thoughts on “when?

  1. I enjoyed that post. I enjoy all your posts ya. Hmmm. What to say? Do you see little kids sometimes upset because they don’t understand time? As you get older your sense of perspective grows, and you realise that the good times still ahead of you just required a bit of patience. Your day will come Del, and when it does there will be many moments you wish you were younger and alone! A sense of calm can also be very appealing to guys too.
    Oh, and happy Chinese New Year:)

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    1. Hey! Thankyou so much! Yeah, as a teenager sometimes its getting hard to not comparing yourself to others… even though I know it’s not good for my self, I can’t help it. Other times I was just confident about my self, other times I am questioning things just like now. I hope I can figure things out one day..


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