Not to Hold on to Them

Hello! I’ve been very busy with a lot of school exams, preparing and getting ready for the national exams coming up this May, and that is why I am a little bit late at updating the Flores posts! I’ll get it on this site as soon as possible, promise.

But for now, I am going to talk about this. In English class today, my teacher taught us about a poem by Rose Flyeman. The title of the poem was A Fairy Went a Marketing.

A FAIRY Went a-Marketing
She bought a little fish;
She put it in a crystal bowl
Upon a golden dish.
An hour she sat in wonderment
And watched its silver gleam,
And then she gently took it 
And slipped it in a stream.
A fairy went a-marketing
She bought a coloured bird;
It sang the sweetest, shrillest song
That ever she had heard.
She sat beside its painted cage
And listened half the day,
And then she opened wide the door
And let it fly away.
A fairy went a-marketing
She bought a winter gown
All stitched about with gossamer
And lined with thistledown.
She wore it all the afternoon
With prancing and delight,
Then gave it to a little frog
To keep him warm at night.
A fairy went a-marketing
She bought a gentle mouse
To take her tiny messages,
To keep her tiny house.
All day she kept its busy feet
Pit-patting to and fro,
And then she kissed its silken ears,
Thanked it, and let it go.

I really like the poem and the way she made each of the words end in an similar such as fish-dish, gleam-stream, etc. It was beautifully written and I was so happy we actually learned from poems like this.


But then, on the textbook, there was a paragraph written under the poem. I guess the author of the book wanted to make an explanation for that poem so us students can understand it better.

It goes like this:

‘ We notice that the fairy in the poem is lively, happy, and cheerful. She does not wish to possess things for herself. She buys them, uses them for a while and let them go or gives them to others. Perhaps this is the secret of the fairy’s happiness, enjoying the pleasures of life for a brief while; not to hold on to them.

Unfortunately, my teacher didn’t really discuss this paragraph at all, even though I literally sat there, on my chair, looking at these words, thinking and contemplating about the poem.

The fairy was pictured as a happy person. And the reason to that was because of the things she did. She never let herself got too attach to something. Or even someone. Because sometimes, ‘too much’ is also not good.

The word ‘too’, even though in positive actions, sounds very assuring and nice, is not the key to a happy life. There is actually no good in too much of something. The key, is balance. That’s why people nowadays keep promoting balanced lifestyle.

Eating too healthy? Nope, sometimes you have to let yourself have that cheesecake and cupcakes. But eating too much? Also not good, because it might cause you to gain weight and being sick. The same things goes to, once again, love.

Getting way too close to someone? Might not be that good, because despite the affections and emotion that you feel, one day they are going to leave and its going to hit you so damn hard it will make you feel almost impossible to get back up. But being too far from someone? You can’t, or if you do, it will be too hard because you actually have to pretend like you don’t care about them, when in reality you do.

Think about a relationship. First, you are going to get attached to someone. They are going to be around for sometime, maybe a couple of months, or even years. But then when its all over, when you both realized that the relation is not growing, you cut the ties. You feel sad, you feel hurt.

Being too possessive over something or someone is not good. It is not healthy for you. Because in the end everything are going to slowly change, people are getting old, they are growing, and slowly but surely they are going to move out of your life. And its inevitable.

That doesn’t mean you have to stop attaching yourself from everyone in your life. You are going to need them too. You are going to get attached to someone in your life one day.  But never settle for less. Only stay with those who worth your time and are willing to fight for and with you. Always realize and acknowledge that in the end, you are all on your own. Be you own, biggest self-supporter.

Don’t let someone stop you from growing yourself to be a better version of yourself. Never be too clingy. Never rely on something too much, as if they are going to stay forever the same way.

One of my favorite quotes in life are always:

You were never mine, and therefore I will never lose you.

I guess more people need to learn this. That when they love or they want something, sometimes the only way is not to be with them, standing next to them, but only looking, admiring, loving from afar. And as sad as it sounds, it might be the best option for the sake of keeping you out from heartbreaks.


learning how to love, wanting to be loved, and is in love,



4 thoughts on “Not to Hold on to Them

  1. My English is so bad. So, saya komentarnya pakai bahasa Indonesia saja, ya.

    Tapu lebih kurang saya bisa mengerti maksud tulisan kamu. Sempat saya singgung sih di tulisan saya meski nggak banyak. Hufth.

    Ah, ya. good luck for the exam!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahahahah, gak apa apa kok. Memang beberapa temen juga sempet bilang kalau saya lebih baik menulis bahasa Indonesia sajaa… tapi lagi senang mencoba hal-hal baru ajaaa, hitung2 sekalian belajar Inggris. Terimakasih!


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