Flores Trip: Kelimutu National Park

My trip to Flores last December was still unforgettable, and I am so excited to share my next journey! You can read the first post here, just click on it after you are done with this one!

On the second day of my trip here, we visited the famous Kelimutu National Park. Kelimutu is one of the most well-known destination when you come to Flores. There are three lakes on the mountain sharing the same name, Kelimutu, meaning ‘the boiling lake’. Each has its own colors and a local name. But all are believed to be the resting place of departed souls.

In order to get to the lakes, we had to go early in the morning. On good and sunny days we can even catch up on the sunrise, even though the majority of the time the weather was cloudy and rainy, especially when I was there because December is our rainy season.




We waited first in a warung, a small shop on the entrance of the Kelimutu National Park while waiting for the rain to stop. There are no electricity there, so it was dark and everyone was sitting down, drinking their coffee, eating instant cup noodles, and when the rain became a little friendly, some people started to hike up the mountains.

Unfortunately, we were not lucky enough to catch on any sunrise because the fog was just too much. So then we decided to start the journey on around 7 a.m, after eating the cup noodles. We wore our poncho’s because it was still raining, and we walked so slow to take pictures.

Most foreign tourists walk way faster than most Indonesians. At least, my family. Maybe because in developed countries people are more used to walking every single day to get to places, while in my country people are still using cars and motorcycle to travel.

It was very funny to look at some people walking so fast all the way up to see the lake, and by the time they are coming back down, we are not even there yet at the destination! Lol.


There are three lakes in Kelimutu National Park. The first one, the one that we can see by walking for around 30-45 minutes, was Tiwu Ata Mbupu. It was believed by the locals there as the lake for the souls of parents who have died.

Taking picture of the lake takes a lot of patience, because the at one time the sky will be clear and you can see the lake entirely, and then in five seconds the fog came back and poof, you cannot see anything anymore.

We waited for around ten minutes there, waiting for the fog to disappear.

kelimutu 6.jpg

We then continued our journey to the next two lakes, Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai and Tiwu Ata Polo.  Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai is the lake for the souls for the young people who haved died, while Tiwu Ata Polo is the lake for the souls of the people who throughout their life did evil things.



We had to climbed TONS of slippery stairs, with cliffs on both sides. It was thrilling yet so fun. The wind was so strong it felt like a big slap on the face. My smallest brother cried half the way up because he thought the wind was going to blow him off the ground and I literally laughed while helping him to stand up. Dad eventually had to hold him the whole time we are up there to make sure he felt safe.

We also took a lot pictures of the second and third lake, despite the big fog going around and my little brother crying. It was in my dad’s camera though, so I’ll get it as soon as possible to attach it here.

After done looking, enjoying the view, we walked back down and we arrived  back on the parking spot at around 9.30 a.m  We went back to our lodge, took shower and got packed to move to the next spot!

Flores was one of the best destination I ever went to.

More posts of the beauty of East Indonesia soon!





10 thoughts on “Flores Trip: Kelimutu National Park

      1. But it is such a great start, terutama setelah selama ini sama pemerintah seakan-akan di ignore.. Also, dengar-dengar sinyal di Flores tambah lama tambah baik ya? Waaaah!
        Tapi iya sih, Flores keren banget. Bener-bener jatuh cinta sama daerahnya, dan orang-orangnya! Baik dan ramah ramah sekali, terus kekeluargaannya masih kerasa, seems like the whole island are your family.

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      2. Hahaha thanks untuk apresiasinya.. saya senang sekali.. semoga Flores tetap ramah walau globalisasi perlahan menjadi ombak besar siap menghadang peradapan manusia yg kadang tidak siap.. Atau Goenawan Mohamad bilang “ketekejutan masa depan” hahhah

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