Flores: heaven above, under, and everywhere around the clouds

Flores has always been an enchanting place. Each sites give you different feelings and impression. I am going to tell you more of it, in this posts! You can read my other posts about Flores by searching the keyword “flores” on the search tab!

But anyway, I am going to tell you about my most favorite sites in Flores, and also the ultimate one, the almighty, Waerebo Village!

manggar rice fields 2.jpg

The first one is the Spider Rice Fields! This is one of the most underrated historical site you can find in Flores. It’s basically a very big rice fields shaped like a spider web. Each part of the rice fields belong t one of the family member, so the whole rice fields was owned by one big family.

We went to one of the local’s house first, before then we walked up all the way to see the rice fields. The view was breathtaking, despite the rain, as you can see from our ponchos. The scenery was so beautiful and I was so happy. It was so windy and it was raining pretty hard.

We had a 10 minutes walk, which was supposed to be a 5 minutes walk but we had to walk slower because 1.) it was raining, 2.) we had the trip with my grandma and she is 71 years old and v healthy but despite that we had to walk slower.

After another 15 minutes of taking pictures together and just standing there, enjoying the view, we went back down. I just knew that the path to the small hill where we saw the spider rice fields from was technically someone’s backyard, so we when we got back the locals were waiting for us and served us some good hot Flores Coffee.

pantai batu biru

The next, we also visited Pantai Batu Biru, or translated as Blue Stone Beach. It was basically a small corner in the side of one of the road we went through. The beach consists of a lot of blue colored stones.

It might look mainstream, but let me tell you, when you find the right angle, it is one of the best photo spot, at least for me. There were a lot of people there, but fortunately we found a very great spot that made it look like it was a private beach ahahaha.

waerebo 1

waerebo 2

waerebo 3

waerebo 4

waerebo 5

waerebo 6

Waerebo! It was one of the most magical place I ever visited my whole life. We had to hike for like 4 hours before we can arrive there, and the path was all slippery. It was probably the most tiring hike ever, but then as soon as you saw the village from afar, all you want to is probably to run as fast as you can.

waerebo 8

A kilometer from the village, there is this one small wood house and some kind of instrument that we had to play first by hitting it, as a sign for the locals who live there that new guests are coming.

The leader of the village, names Rafael, will then enter the biggest house in the middle, ready to wait for us. We have to enter that house before doing anything else in Waerebo. We are served there, and later on he conducted a sacred ceremony where he asked the gods to bless us and then as a symbol that we are accepted as their family in the village.

waerebo 9

Flores was pure love. pure heaven. I really want to visit Flores again one more time. Or even more, who knows!  I really had a great time there, and of course you can find more of my pictures on my Instagram too!


Here is to more travel!




3 thoughts on “Flores: heaven above, under, and everywhere around the clouds

  1. What a wonderful travel story! I am intrigued now and want to visit too. Previously I had only ever known Flores for its volcanoes and, of course, its Homo floresiensis (Flores hobbits), but now I see there is so much more. And having you in the story is an added bonus! Thank you and take care. David

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