Belitung: and the islands around it

Welcome back!

good morning!

Just in case any of you are wondering where did I stay back when I was in Belitung, the answer to it is Grand Hatika Hotel. It is a three stars hotel but the room was comfortable enough. The only thing I don’t really like about it was the fact that their breakfast didn’t have too much option. But to be honest the food in Belitung is good enough so you can just eat at the nearest restaurant if you want to.


The second day of our stay in Belitung is probably my favorite from this trip. W were going island-hopping to a lot of beautiful islands near Belitung. I grew up in a family who loves the beach so much (Thank God for my dad), and therefore island-hopping is one of my favorite way of traveling.

We went to a small harbor first, and hopped in to a small fisherman’s boat. The boats were parked close to the beach so we had to hop in t the water first and got our feet all wet.

one of my mum frens. 
see? they parked so close to the beach
as i recall from Moana; we are voyagers. we did not stop


We took an hour trip by the boat to the first spot. It was called as Pulau Burung, or the Bird Island. We did not stop there though, because there were a lot of big rocks and coral around the island. So we only took pictures from the tip of the boat.

It was called so because one of the rocks, located in the middle of the small island, literally shaped like the head of a bird. It was so unique so a lot of other boats were also stopping there, letting the visitors to take picture from afar.

all abroad!


see! its a bird head

After that, we went straight to the second island. It was called Lengkuas Island, which was one the most well-known island in Belitung, because of its famous lighthouse, located exactly in the middle of the island.




The first thing we did as soon as we arrived there is to walked straight to the lighthouse. Some of my mom friends decided to just wait under the palm trees while sipping on coconuts.

Remember, the stairs are small and steep. It has 18 floors in it, and as you get in, the stairs keep getting smaller and steeper. But trust me, the scenery you will see from above there are totally worth it. Just be careful if you are afraid of heights.

The sad things was on the day when we came, the island was packed up with a lot of people. The lighthouse too. I had to wait a couple of times while going up there, lining up because there’s only one stairs but people wanted to go up and some wanted to go down. So we needed to take turns. It was also very hot in there.


drenched in sweat. literally.




I didn’t take too much photographs from the eighteenth floor because it was too packed up with people. Everyone wanted to take selfies and pictures and they literally blocked the way in and out. So I ended up only taking a selfie and a picture (as you can see exactly above this paragraph) and then quietly just went back downstairs.


Walking down the stairs was way easier (obviously) and in total, it took us like an hour or so to explore the lighthouse. The way back down was faster and easier. Also, most of the people already left before us so it was less crowded.

As soon as we got down, it was 10.00 in the morning and the sun was painfully hot. We went straight to one of the tents there and bought some coconuts. It was kind of pricey though, way expensive then how much coconut usually cost. But meh, it was a tourist spot so there was not much to expect.



On the far right of the island, there was a lot of big white rocks. The place was aesthetically pleasing and a lot of people were taking pictures there. I decided to took some pictures there to with the help of my mom. The photos are now up on my instagram page hehe.



Next stop, we went snorkeling. Sadly I didn’t take any picture because my camera is not and underwater one, the same goes to my mom. Some of my mom friends who were not snorkeling took some pictures though. The view look so clear and beautiful, except that later on it was raining so we had to go back up the boat and continue our journey.

After snorkeling, we went to yet another island. I forgot the name of it though, but we had our lunch there. There was a big restaurant located in the middle of the island and a lot of the boats were also stopping there. They served fresh seafood and it tasted damn so good.

After we were all done, it was raining a little bit. We went back to our boat and sailed back to the harbor of Belitung Island. There were more spots to see.

We then went to Tanjung Tinggi Beach. This was also the famous spot in Belitung, most known as the location where the film “The Rainbow Troops” or “Laskar Pelangi” was shot. They even showed you exactly where Lintang (one of the character) was in that beach, the exact rock.






We actually wanted to watch sunset from this beach, but sadly it was cloudy and foggy so we could only see rays of the color purple.

Dinner time! We went to a local restaurant in Belitung. It sells Belitung traditional food, which was served in big platter. Usually, people in Belitung will take turn taking the food from the platter, started from the oldest person in the family.

It consist of some kind of meat which tasted like rendang, and then some marinated vegetables. They also served one of the most famous meal in Belitung, which I ate more than one time while I was there, fish soup with sliced pineapple. It tasted to so good. It also consists of some kind of meatball.



So yeah, that was a wrap for day two! I hope you guys are falling even deeper for Indonesia, especially Belitung Island! And yes, I am going to write one more post about Belitung, very very soon.

Stick around for and update about the third post, the last writing of the trilogy of Belitung’s Beauty based on my eyes. AHAHAHA!





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