Belitung: food, art, and finally, home

Are you guys enjoying my posts so far AHAHAHA because I find myself looking forward for the weekend so I can update more about this beautiful little island. And here I am, finally publishing my last day trip in Belitung.

On the third day, we went straight to Tanjung Pandan Museum. It was a museum which consisted of artifacts and armory from the Dutch and Japan colonization in Indonesia. They also presented stones that can be found back then, when mining was a big thing in Belitung.

They mostly find kaolin in Belitung. Not only that, Belitung is also very well known for a stone, an extraterrestrial stone called Satam. It was believed by the locals to have a lot of supernatural power in it, like wearing it as accessories will prevent you from getting sick and things like that.





Anyway, they also have miniatures of Belitung’s traditional house, unique and endemic animals from Belitung, and also a lot more stones.




The big museum was divided into a couple of smaller rooms, but this one particular room was probably the scariest. Before we arrived here, the guide told us that there is a traditional wedding dress from Belitung, hanged in one of the museum’s corner.

But not only that, we were not allowed to say anything or thinking anything bad about the dress. Why? Because the dress was actually made for a happy couple that tragically ended up dead. They were both killed brutally so then the locals believes that who ever talk or think and basically just have negative opinion on the dress, the couples will haunt them down.


After the fun mini tour around the very crowded museum, we went to a restaurant for lunch! The restaurant was called Dapoer Belitung, which means Belitung’s Kitchen. Their food was not too good though. They majority of the menu they served were fried food.

They fry the vegetables, the fish, the chicken, everything! It also tasted a little bit to salty for me. But nonetheless, the restaurant’s design is very beautiful. They had colorful painted walls that are just so aesthetically pleasing. I took a lot of picture there!




After we were all done, we went to the next destination. It was the famous Kaolin Lake! This lake is a man-made lake as the result of kaolin mining activity which was now abandoned without any reclamation.

Kaolin or Kaolinite is a clay mineral, part of the group of industrial minerals, with the chemical composition Al2Si2O5(OH)4. It is a layered silicate mineral, with one tetrahedral sheet linked through oxygen atoms to one octahedral sheet of alumina octahedra. Rocks that are rich in kaolinite are known as kaolin or china clay.



We all knew and understand that travelling with a bunch of middle-aged moms will always equals to a lot of shopping activity, buying souvenirs for their loved ones. So yeah, as you can expect, the next stop for our last day trip was to the biggest Souvenirs Shop in Belitung. Also, the newest.

You might probably imagined a big store which sells a lot of merchandises with pictures and designs related to the travel destination. In Indonesia, most souvenirs store sells traditional food, which includes a lot of fish chips, other fish-based food, candies, chocolate, and, because we went to Belitung which is an island, seafood-based food. All of them tasted really good though.

After shopping tons of food, we went to a coffee shop! Belitung was also famous for its coffee, just like a lot of other islands in Indonesia like Sumatra and Kalimantan. The most famous one was Kopi Kuli, which you can try when you visit Andrea Hirata’s Museum. The other one was Kong Djie Coffee!


Kong Djie coffee is very famous in Belitung. Also touristy. You can try this coffee in numerous places in Jakarta nowadays, but I guess trying it in the exact place where it was from will give you different chills and feels. I bought a chocolate milk coffee, which tasted damn good.


Other than the famous coffee, they also served a lot of comfort foods like fried banana, pempek, and also authentic Indonesian’s drinks like Teh Tarik, Es Cendol, and other. I tried the fried banana with chocolate and cheese and as usual it tasted damn good.

We then went straight to the airport because it was finally time to go home :(. I was a little bit sad though, but then I instantly felt better because the sky was so beautiful at that time. Despite the cloudy weather, it managed to amaze me.



It actually only took like an hour to get back to Jakarta, and as soon as I saw Jakarta, I can’t help myself but to take my camera out and just took tons of pictures of Jakarta from high above the clouds. It looks exactly like a concrete jungle, so crowded and polluted.

And yet, somehow, no matter how far you travel, no matter how much you enjoy exploring new places and cities and countries. No matter how many times you visit a place way more well organized country and how many times I say to myself that I am jut so done with this city and all of its problem,

the best feeling is always to come home.




So yeah, that was all about my trip! I arrived back home safely around 8 p.m, took a nice long shower, and then immediately preparing my school stuff for the next day. I hope you guy find it fun to read and look at this post, as much as I do writing it down!

Here is to more travelling!




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