13 Reasons Why – a preach about it

Right in this moment, I just finished watching the whole season of 13 Reasons Why, the whole 13 episodes. I started watching it since last Sunday and it has been in my mind, even until now.

The show was about Hannah Baker, a sophomore girl who killed herself and leave 13 tapes, each of them dedicated to every people who became the reasons of why she ended her own life, by cutting her own wrists and just bled herself to death.

At first, I though that this TV shows was so popular because of its message, which was to treat others nicely and stop bullying and prevent suicide, which sadly started to be accepted as a common thing in teenage life.

But as I went through the whole episodes, listening to the yes, horrific tapes which got me going crazy just like Clay did, I realized that this show has a whole different meaning behind it. Oh, and actually I felt that this TV show started to become like a long-ass movie instead, because I watched it by dividing it into 3-4 tapes at once. You can also just binge-watch the whole thing if you want just like what Alex did, or you can just watched like me and Clay did.

The show was presented with Clay as the first character, listening at those tapes and also mixed with Hannah’s point of view, like a constant flashbacks. It got me a little bit confused about it at first, but then as I watched more episode, I started to get used to it.

the situation ive been in for the past couple of days

Not only that this talks about Hannah and her experience, it also brought the stories of how her friends who she mentioned in her tapes, were also dealing with their own life and struggles.

After the tape was listened by Clay, and he started to act so damn weird to all his friends, they started to face their own struggles. The were also love and a whole lot feelings in it too.

I was about to spoil the whole thing here, but then again, as Tony said, I need to get into my headspace. I literally just finished it less than 10 minutes ago and I feel like I can just burst into flames at any time.


End story is, I recommend this TV show for you. You need to watch it. And, if you feel like its just going to be another new Netflix sensation that got everyone in love and stuck on, then you are wrong. Some of my friends have been watching it over and over again now, and as much as I want to, USBN is coming right next Monday so I better prepare myself.

I am probably planning to get myself the book and to compare the lines and plot that was originally written with the show version. Who knows. I can’t wait for Season Two. And in case you are wondering who my favorite character is, its not Katherine Langford nor Dylan Minette, or Justin Prentice as charming as he is, but MILES HEIZER.

And did I mention that the character Alex and Justin are actually dating in real life? Yes, that is right, I am also dying over them. Ship them so much. Found out about it on Twitter the other day and I instantly went crazy.

are you dying because hell yeah i am

Please do watch it. And if you are watching it right now, let me know! We can fangirl together and go crazy over Clay and Alex and OH GOD.

ZACH DEMPSEY! a.k.a Ross Butler had played in numerous TV shows, like Teen Wolf, I believe, and I am also in love with his face and his attitude. He grew in a very typical strict Asian family, and therefore I felt this strong connection with him.

Oh, okay, enough of the talking. I am going to update you for my actual honest and opinion later about it, in this blog. Probably a couple of days from now. Until then, I am going to spend the rest of the day, having no life purpose until the Season 2 come out.

Much much love,




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