READ THIS Before You Visit Big Bad Wolf 2017!

Last weekend had give me a lot of opportunities to just experience a lot of new and exciting things, so I am very happy to share it with you guys!

So, last Monday I went to the Big Bad Wolf, a very big book event where a lot of books were being sold in very cheap prices with discounts ranging from 60 – 80%! Most of the book were sold with prices from Rp10.000 to Rp75.000 for young adults, general, books (paperback and hardcover) and Rp75.000 to Rp150.000 for coffee table books.

This event is located in ICE BSD City, Tangerang, Banten.  I will put the location at the end of this post. It stared from April 21st 2017 at 08.00 am, and they are open non-stop for 280 hours until May 2nd 2017 at 23.59 pm.

The majority of the books they sell there are English and children books, but I fell in love with their very complete literature section! Big Bad Wolf is a big publishing company from Malaysia, so they had a lot of Asian authors which makes me super happy!

I visited this place on Monday, April 24th 2017 at around 3 pm and went home at 5.20 pm, and in that range of time managed to buy 11 books for only Rp 770.000! It was a crazy prize, as the original prices of the kind of books I read are ranging from Rp 200.000 each.

The place looked like it was very packed up, when actually the building was so big that it looks somehow roomy to me. I could still walk and bring my small trolly with me  comfortably without having to go through a big crowd, and managed to find the books I wanted!


Here are some of my personal tips, which I learned while visiting this magnificent place!

  1. When is the best time to come? — A lot of people will recommend you to come on in the afternoon on weekdays, because there will be less crowd, or very early in the morning or late at night (like after 12 late at night). But I come here on a long weekend in the evening (the peek time), but the crowd were still very manageable.  So, I don’t think there was a specific time for you to come.
  2. What kind of books do they sell? — They sell almost every kind of books you can imagine, from general fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, young adult, romance, literature, to cookery and business, self-help, and even design. But most of the space was taken for the children books.
  3. The waiting time? — The only time we had to wait, was only at the cashier. I thought it was going to be an hour wait, but turns out it was only a 35 mins wait. They actually offer you to trade your Mandiri Fiesta Points (500 points) for a Fast Track at the cashier! They also have other promo’s from Mandiri so if you are a Mandiri card holder, you are so damn lucky! And even if you don’t have Mandiri, that is still okay. The waiting will probably be delayed up to 40 to an hour. (at the peek days)
  4. What to wear? — The place is very clean (except for the toilets) and they have air conditioners all over the place, so use your most comfortable clothes and shoes there! It was not hot like I imagined!
  5. Parking? Traffic? — They have a VERY BIG parking space for you, and you only need to pay for the parking ticket Rp20.000. The traffic when I went there was a little bit packed, but then turns out most people wanted to go to AEON Mall or Disney on Ice, ahahah! There are the comittee standing there, always ready to direct you to the nearest parking lot from the hall.
  6. What if I’m hungry? — To my surprise, they have food trucked and food courts for you! You can eat there first before entering the giant hall. But my pro tip is, just eat somewhere else before you arrive there, because the place are packed up with a lot of people outside of the hall!
  7. How much should I spend? — My mom said that unless you spend like a million, the trip would not be worth it. But that was because we drove all the way from Cibubur! So we spent around that budget. But I saw some people only buying like two or three books, and that is okay too. Some people even bring their own suitcases to bring the books! And yes, they allow you to bring suitcases or giant trollies to bring your books!
  8. Can I bring my baby? — Oh yes, of course! They have a very big children playground for kids older than 3 years old which allows you to leave them there to play for like an hour while you pick your favorite books. I f your baby is smaller, than 3 years old, I recommend you to just bring your stroller and take him/her with you. It will be safer. While I was there, there were a couple of time where the costumer service were just calling out everyone about a missing kid. So yeah, keep them close to you.




And last, have fun! It should feel like heaven to be able to see and buy that much books in very cheap prizes, but always keep your budget in mind! Choose your books wisely, as I myself also had the tendency to take those books for granted without actually thinking if I will actually continue to read it or not.

I accidentally bought a book which was actually meant for 7th graders, and I regret it so much now. But others note aside, always choose the books wisely! Be patients, and take your time!



Have fun! If you have anymore questions, please leave it in the comments below! I will be more than happy to help!

With all the love (for books),




8 thoughts on “READ THIS Before You Visit Big Bad Wolf 2017!

  1. Thank you for your clear and comprehensive narrative. The events sounds great. The only thing in your account that I missed was that I was waiting for you to share what titles you purchased, and I never learnt!:)

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  2. I also went to comment on your earlier post, but sadly that has vanished. I won’t mention its name or content in case you took it down for a reason, but it was a very good piece with some profoundly reflective insights.

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    1. hey david! i actually re-scheduled the post and postponed it until tonight, because i am still trying to edit it in some way to make it maybe more ‘suitable’ for my readers. we all know for sure that the topic in that post was a little heavy and I just want to make sure that I don’t, by any mean, seems to be disrespecting a certain community or person.

      I will post it again soon!


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