Indonesia’s Symbol of Hope

Youtube, like we all know, has been a very big part of our life. Me, personally, spent almost an hour on two watching youtube videos form my phone. I am subscribed to numerous channels and most of them inspire m so much from day to day.

Ever since 2014 or early 2015, Youtube has been also a very big part in technology. A lot of teenagers started posting their videos there, and as you might now, the term ‘youtuber’ slowly grow. The same thing happened in Indonesia on 2016.

Back then, I think that being a youtuber and being able to connect with your subscriber, to be able to make them feel somehow related to each others are just so amazing. People all over the world can watch the same videos and ended up discussing about that problem or topic and finding solutions.

I am even happier when I found out that the former President of the USA, Barack Obama, decided to take this whole youtube thing seriously. He invited three youtubers, Hank Green, Bethany Mota, GloZell Green back on 2015 to the White House and they were there to ask him questions.

He actually have had this idea, which was to make a White House youtube channel to connect directly and talk directly to the people of USA with video screens back in 2007 when he was still a senator. He was interviewed and stated that, and here he is!

Obama knew that Youtube have been a very big part of the youth life and he was trying to rech out and connect to us! These youtubers asked questions that the press might never asked about, and most of them were asking questions that were relatable to the youth!

The subcribers of those youtubers also sent their questions regarding same sex marriage, immigrants, student laws, the healthcare, cyber-bully, and a lot more other things. They sent those questions online with the hashtag #YoutubeAskObama. I remembered watching it for the first time and felt so happy, to see a leader willing to listen to the youth’s voices, and answer their questions!

The next year, in the beginning of 2016, Obama once again did the same thing. He invited three youtubers,  Destin Sandlin, Ingrid Nilsen, Adande Thorne. Ingrid is one of my favorite youtuber ever, so I was more than happy to see her name, making it all the way to the list.

Ingrid asked him about American’s fear of terrorism, women’s health, marriage equality, the race to cure cancer, and a lot more. It was so much fun to watch it. I feel that it has come the time when the government starts to listen to its people, connect and reach out to them.

In the beginning of 2016, I secretly wished that Indonesia, one day, will finally have the same government. The kind that listen to the people, especially the youth. When Jokowi was elected, I have this slightest hope, that maybe, under his regiment, he will make it come true.

His smallest son, Kaesang Pangarep, is also a youtuber. He uploads vlogs about his daily life and some skits. He is now studying in Singapore at a university and uploads contents quite often.

He then also posted some vlogs when he was travelling, be it by himself, or while he was away, accompanying his dad at work. The loving relationship between him and his dad was just so adorable in alot of way.

Some of his subscribers started to ask for mor videos with his dad, and joking around about this idea that maybe his dad can start a youtube channel too, where he can do vlogs and talk about his work to the Indonesian people.

On September 26th 2016, Kaesang posted this one particular video, where he spent an afternoon practising archery with his dad. I thought it was an ordinary video, just like his other vlogs with his dad. But then I was beyond shocked to see that Jokowi also posted a video! The title was #JKVVlog.

Not only that, he later on posted a\even more videos about his daily activites in a vlogging style, and it was there, with all his others diplomatic, ‘more serious’ videos. He posted about watching the football game, his trip to Ambon, his plan to build a highway in the middle of the sea, his lunch with King Salman who visited Indonesia on his trip to Asia (which became so famous and reached more than a million views). He even posted  video about the birth of the baby lambs he has in Istana Bogor!

I never think I can be more proud of my president than right now. He literally shows us, the people, every activity he has, his experiences, his work. He reaches out to his people, finally!

But then, a month ago, on March 27th 2017, he (finally) posted a video, in which he answers a lot of questions he got from kids all over Indonesia. It was titled as #JokowiMenjawab. This, is where my actual dream came true.

He answered questions about Jokowi’s favorite music, band, albums (which was rock of course), music, digital economy, and creativity, also creative industries. Even though he only answered like 4 questions, it was a new milestone for Indonesia! Or well, at least, to me!

Right now, he already had 3 videos like this posted in his youtube channel, and I am still waiting for more to come!

This is making me so happy because not only listening to their people, the government actually start to find a way to connect with us, the youngsters. They want to listen to us, to know our opinion, to give advices. They are willing to help, and to show the people that they will always listen.

The youth are the ones responsible for the future of the country, and therefore we need to educate them in the right way. We need to listen to them, and let them grow to be even better. We have to give them opportunities, a chance. It makes us feel appreciated. Really, really, appreciated.

Not only by posting these video on Youtube, Jokowi once also invited a couple of Indonesian youtubers, Bayu Skak, Agung Hapsah, Bob, and some others to accompany him to one of his presidencial duty. In other trip to NTT and Manado, he invited Kevin Hendrawan and Arief Muhammad to join him.

In this video, I remembered what Agung Hapsah said; “I learned that to be a good leader, you have to have a good relationship with your people, because the leader and the people actually need each other. I learned that sometimes, in order to solve a problem, you need to get down and talk directly to the people so they will understand your message.”

So, I guess, after all, I am very lucky to be born in this magnificent country, city. Yes, I am a proud Indonesian. Oh, and despite the news about Indonesia and its radicalization, I am still proud.

We (still) have hope.



3 thoughts on “Indonesia’s Symbol of Hope

  1. I love this post too, but I’d point out that what you’re really in love with are the fruits of democracy. And Indonesian democracy is never going to stop needing passionate supporters and defenders like you if you want to enjoy those fruits dear Del.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! Yeah, it is. As complicated democracy is (by democracy I mean the subjects I learn in school), I still love them and do think that Indonesia will manage to grow and become a better country for my future


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