Exploring Bali with the best peeps [vol. 1]

Last weekend, from May 28 to 31 of 2017, I went to Bali with my school friends from the class of 2016/2017. Usually our seniors went to Jogja each year but this year was different because we all voted to go to a different place this time.

We met each other exactly at 00.00 in the morning at school, and went to the airport together by bus. When we arrived there, we got our boarding passes and student id.



We were divided into two flights, at 4.30 and 5.40 in the morning. We used Lion Air, and at first I was a little bit skeptical with the plane and the flight because man, its Lion Air. But Thank God everything went fine.

When we arrived in Bali, it was around 8.30 in the morning. We were then divided into three groups and three buses, and we went straight to the first destination which was Taman Ayun Temple.



In this trip, we went mostly to temples, because we used probably one of the cheapest travel agent using the cheapest package to cut down the price.



We took a stroll around the temple, because we were not allowed to get in. Temples in Bali is a very good place to visit, but we always have to make sure that we wear the proper attire to respect the cultural and religious norms they have there. Women who are in their menstruation period are not allowed to enter temples, they can only see the temples from the outside.

We had lunch at Saras Restaurant. The food here was so-so, maybe because we didn’t really look for any good food to eat at but rather a restaurant with a building big enough for 150 people lol.

The next stop was Bedugul! Bedugul was located quiet high above the sea level, so the weather was a little bit colder. It was raining hard when we went there, so most of us rent umbrellas for 10k. Oh, and took cute selfies!




I posted some of the pictures of me while in Bali on my instagram. We legit left our umbrellas to take pictures under the rain to get the perfect picture! It was worth it though.

I recommend you to bring some clothes so when it rains, you can change your tops right after that so it doesn’t get cold. I brought a very light-weight clothes and immediately change myself so I didn’t get sick.

Fun tips, also wear a very light bottoms. Not short, but light. Visiting temples requires you to always wear something below the knee or wear sarong and sash. In the temples I’ve mentioned, they didn’t provide you with it (at least not that I see), so its better to just wear something appropriate before hand.

Some of my friend wore jeans and it was very uncomfortable when it was raining, while I was wearing a black long loose ankle pants and it felt so good because it got dry faster than jeans.

After Bedugul temple, we went to Tanah Lot. Tanah Lot was also a very well-known place in Bali. It was one of the best sunset spot, but sadly it was cloudy when we were there. You didn’t have to wear long bottoms here, because we didn’t actually enter the temple.


There are quiet a lot of local shops on our way to Tanah Lot, where people sell mandalas, sarong, cute sandals, t-shirts, etc. The price was actually very cheap, if you are good at bargaining. Usually they will give you high prices at first (especially if they know you are foreigners and/or students! They think you are not good at bargaining), but actually you can get a lot of good deals!



Another pro tip, I peed a lot in Bali. I drink water and bought water bottles ALL THE TIME. Usually you have to pay 2k when visiting toilets in Bali, so always prepare cash money just in case!


After Tanah Lot, we went to Kuta for dinner. We went to a restaurant called WongSolo which serves Javanese meal. Again, I am not going to recommend the food here because when we were traveling we didn’t really look for good food but rather a place with big place for all of us to sit.

It was the first day! I am going to upload my journey on Day 2, which was my personal favorite, on the next post. Stay tune!



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