Bali beaches, waves, sand, and all the beautiful mystical places [vol. 2]

Welcome to the second post from my series of blogsposts regarding my recent trip to the beautiful Bali Island with my friends. Just in case you haven’t read the first post, check it our first before proceeding to read this one.

In the first post, I told you guys about Bali and its temples which I visited. Here, I am going to tell you about Bali’s beautiful beaches that I visited.


On the second day, we went to Tanjung Benoa Beach. It is a very famous place in Bali to do many fun watersports, like banana boat, parasailing, flying fish, scuba diving, rolling donut, jetskiing, and visiting Penyu Island using a boat.

So, because I was traveling with like, all of my friends, all 140 people of them, I decided to not choose the watersports that will make me dirty or wet. Why? Because it will take a long time to  clean myself up and I would have to brought new clean clothes and pack the dirty one and brought it with me through the rest of the day.

So first, it was not worth the money versus the amount of energy I had to dedicate just to clean myself up after that. I had plenty of times in the future to go there again with my family and do any sports I want, but this time, because it was a trip with my friends, I wanted to make it count.

So I chose the boat trip to Penyu Island. Okay, we were all only sitting in quiet a big boat, along with 9 other people which were all my friends, enjoying the sea view and talking. It didn’t guarantee you to still be clean tho, because the driver (YES, the driver. He drove the boat STOP ASKING) kept doing crazy trick with the boat and tilt it crazily so yeah, a little bit water splashes here and there.

Still worth it.


We had to pay 75k per person, and the trip to the island (which was actually not an island tho, it was still located in Bali but on the other side of the beach) took around 15 mins.

I braided my hair v early in the morning before I left the hotel room, because long hair and salty air are not bestfriends. My hair will instantly got sticky and wet and just weird, so braiding it first did help me a lot later when I had to wash my hair up.



When you arrived there, you had to pay another 10k as the entrance fee. Foreigners, beware. They might ask you for higher price, thinking that you don’t have any idea about it. Always do a research beforehand so you will know how much the exact price are and you don’t overspend your money on like, wtf, entrance fees?!

The name Penyu Island was actually from this animals, penyu or turtles. But they actually had some other animals others than this, like birds and snakes and iguanas.





We spent around one and a half hour on the island before going back to Tanjung Benoa and met the rest of our friends. Some of mine decided to do the extreme sports and they were all busy changing their clothes and showering and having salty hair.

After lunch at a restaurant not so far from the beach, we went straight to the next destination, which was Uluwatu! It was the famous place where people watch Kecak Dance. Sadly, the kecak dance was held only around sunset, and we arrived there at the afternoon, so we only went there to take pictures and enjoying the view of the sea.


Entering temple means wearing appropriate clothes, which was sarong and sometimes with a sash. The provide this for you in the front gate so you don’t have to bring any. I was wearing a short black pants so I wore it. If you wear something below the knee, you actually don’t have to use the sarong to cover. But most people still wear it as a show of respect to the culture.


Uluwatu is also very famous for its monkeys. You will find the tour guides alarming you before you arrive there to always keep your belongings near to you, and be careful if you wear glasses or bringing cameras and handphones.

Years ago, Uluwatu had more monkeys than what I saw on my last trip. The monkeys are quiet big and yes, they do like to take our stuffs, like glasses and phones and bandanas, but only if you stand to close to them or if you are unaware of your surroundings. Also, if a monkey decided to hop to your shoulder, don’t ever scream. It will only make them afraid and might accidentally hurt you.








Yeay! After strolling around Uluwatu, we went to…. Pandawa Beach! I never been here before, and the place was very famous for people canoeing. I was so excited, and decided to just fuck it and rent a canoe with my close friend, Andrew. It cost 50k, which means 25k for each person. You can actually fit one more person in the middle of the canoe, but it only made the canoe more unstable.

It didn’t made me wet at all, because I brought my camera along and took a lot of pictures from it. But my shorts sure did got wet sitting on the canoe, so then because I didn;t bring any spare clothes, I bought a short pants in one of the stalls there. The seller asked for 45k, but I bargained hard and got it for 25k. Great deal!








After we were done and as the sky got darker, we got back to our buses and went straight to the last destination, which was our dinner spot! We went to Jimbaran, a famous area to find yummy BBQ seafood. After that, we went back to our hotel.

That was Day 2! I am going to update more of my trip on my next post. Until then!







2 thoughts on “Bali beaches, waves, sand, and all the beautiful mystical places [vol. 2]

  1. So sorry for my slow reply. I thought I would put it to one side so I could enjoy reading it later, but I forgot about it. Maaf!
    Somebody much smarter than me suggested that ordinary minds share gossip, good minds share news and great minds share ideas.
    I love your writing, and I can’t wait to read it more as you become more perceptive. How to move from your “news” to’ your “ideas”? We would love to know what you saw that couldn’t be seen. What did you see (for example) about poverty, religion, hope, kindness, power, love, greed or despair in the people you met? What did you learn about yourself? They are the things that will take your writing from being great to brilliant.
    Take care ya.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey David! Im currently struggling to find the perfect words to desribe those things:( I probably need to step up by english game. anyway, it was a holiday with my friends so most of the time I spent it talking with them and taking pictures. That was also probably why I didn’t really pay any attention to the surrounding. But yes, I am going to try better on my next post. Thankyouu


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